Let us show you why thousands of people have enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience. Contrary to popular belief, you are not ‘leaping of a cliff’ you are simply running a few steps and then you are in airborne. Ölüdeniz has one of the highest commercial take off points in the world. The take off point is at 6550 ft looking over olu deniz on the Babadağ Mountain. You will have the most spectacular view of the area around, and you also have the choice of experiencing 360 degree turns and wing-overs. You will be flying for a minimum of 30 minutes up to 45 depending on the thermals. If you are flying in a group, you may even be able to fly side-by-side giving a great photo opportunity to show all your friends back at home. Landing is just as easy as take-off, your pilot will step-down first followed by you. After landing you may not be able to wipe the smile off your face!!! Non-flying members of your group are able to wait down at the landing area, where radio contact is available to all pilots, enabling them to know which paraglider is yours so they can watch your flight and landing.

Jeep Safari

A fun day out for all the family, you will be driven in convoy off the beaten track through the Turkish countryside a perfect way to see the real Turkey. Travelling through different villages, on the way to Yakapark trout farm.

Next stop is Saklikent gorge, the second longest gorge in Europe, where you can cool off in the icy waters or by walking through the gorge. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to take part in our fun rafting activities.

Afterwards, we will travel down the river to the mud baths, where the mineral enriched mud will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

A day of adventure and light hearted fun makes this a memorable trip !!!

Saklikent Tour

Saklıkent Tour is high adrenalin one we can advise.We meet you at your hotel in the morning and after 1 hour trip,we arrive at Tlos Ancient City which is an important civilization in Lycia.Tlos Rock Tombs,Rome Bath,Agora and Theatre gives you magnificient panaromic reef.We have a break with open buffet at our restaurant that is located near Tlos Ancient City and beautiful waterfalls in which you feel as if you’re in paradise.You can have a rest in restaurant’s pavilion or take photos.After lunch,we arrive at Saklıkent to explore hidden paradise.Saklıkent Canyon is 18 km long 300 meters high unique canyon.You can walk for 1 hour or do rafting or do zipline .We complete Saklıkent Tour after leave you to your hotel to meet at our next trip

Dalyan Tour

Dalyan tour is among our extensive tours which includes both historic and natural items that we can recommed. After our gathering in the early hours of the morning, a short transport of 1.5 hours is done. During the transport, our guides give information about Fethiye and around. When we reach Dalyan harbour, our cruise starts with our ready boat. Our first destination is the Dalyan Rock Tombs. After our guide gives you information about tombs and arounds, a break is given for you to take many photos. In Dalyan life is the equivalent of the water. The Dalyan river which is the topic of many movies, is famous for its caretta caretta (sea turtle) and blue crabs. Dalyan İztuzu Beach known as The Turtle Beach which streches 7.5 kms is one of the most picturesque beach of Turkey where you can aslo swim and enjoy the beach. After the İztuzu Beach, the open buffet lunch by the Dalyan river is served and following the lunch, you can also make use of the curative spas and curative mud bath. Then we say farewell to you after leaving you to your hotels.

Boat Tour

Consists of five duties. You will spend a whole day of fun in the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You will come out with your sailing boat. 12 islands Boat Tour We are swimming in the crystal turquoise blue waters of Fethiye.

Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour Our stops.

Rabit Island, Göcek Island, Yassica Island, Aquarium Bay, Red Island

One of the best activities you can do during your holiday is to join Oludeniz Boat ToursOludeniz Boat Tour consists of six stops. We allow you to spend an unforgettable day swimming in crystal turquoise waters of Oludeniz.


After meeting you in the morning,the water activity starts with boats.Throughout the way,you can experience the diving with Professional diving instructors.It’s an easy water sport that needs no special ability and everybody with all ages can do.When we arrive our first diving point, we wear Professional equipments and start to explore underwater with Professional instructors.The guests who don’t want to dive can swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy the sun.After open buffet lunch,we do our second diving and discover many reef,tunnel,archeological ruins and water creatures.After we complete Fethiye diving tour,we move to Fethiye Harbour and leave you to meet our next tour

Horse Riding

We highly suggest trying horse riding fort he guests who like riding as starter or intermediate level. You can ride either in the morning or in the afternoon. We think that you will love horse riding in which you will be able to see the old Greek houses in Kayaköy (Levissi) and Oludeniz.

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